11/17/16 04:28PM

New Locally Owned Spice Store

Locally owned and operated spice store opens in Hollywood. Hand made spice blends. Spices from around the world.

Pat's Pantry opened in Astoria April 2012. On our 4th anniversary we opened our new Portland location in the Hollywood district on Sandy Blvd. Pat and Tom come from the Mt. Tabor area, moving to Astoria to begin a new career as small business owners after many years of being in the corporate world. What we have created is a spice store that makes not only custom spice blends, but in most cases actually start with ingredients in whole seed form which produces the freshest blends (made weekly if not more) available. We are completely independent, we are the "bottom line". We are retail and wholesale sales, catering to both the home chief to some of the nicest eateries around.

We are located at 4042 NE Sandy Blvd., just a 1/2 a block from the Hollywood Theatre which holds fond memories for Tom as that was the first theatre his older sister took him to his first theatre experience. It's ironic that the Hollywood Theatre and the Liberty Theatre in Astoria where the original store is located just a 1/2 block away were designed by the same architect John Virginius Bennes. While Pat and Tom love Astoria, it has always been the intention to return to the Portland eastside and this is how they are making it happen!

Pat has a life-long passion for food and cooking while Tom has had a life-long passion for eating...............good food. This is a win-win endeavor! Please come by soon!

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